Hi, I’m Deryck.

I live in Santiago, Chile. I’m a husband, father of two beautiful children and I welcome you to my personal website.

I am a web developer who worked almost my entire career with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS although I started with BASIC, PASCAL, Visual Basic and C#, in that order.

I have been designing and developing websites as well as themes and plugins for WordPress since 2006 -“yes, that was close, b2/cafelog” and web applications with Laravel since 2019. I mainly focused on developing products for clients in different parts of the world, leaving a little my own products. That is something I am currently working to change.

Since 2015 I am a WordPress Consultant at SerVirtual helping to develop multiple projects related to Learning Management Systems using LearnDash and WordPress.

In 2020 I started working at 1health.io as a Senior WordPress Developer & Consultant directly involved in eCommerce product development, this time with WooCommerce and WordPress.

I spent part of my free time work on projects with which I can contribute to the community and to my personal development.

WordPress is invaluable to me. It has allowed me to grow as a developer and has given my professional career more meaning.